Mas Prim photographed by Marjon Lukje

Marjon Lukje is a Dutch vision engineer in television and photographer, trained at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam.

Intuitive portrait photography

Most of Marjon Lukje’s work could be labeled as documentary photography, specifically travel documentary. She’s travelled around to photograph people of different social and cultural backgrounds. Her style, however, is defined by a very intuitive way of using the context of those photographed as a set rather than a background. Lukje shapes the world of her characters in order to tell their story.


Although Lukje temporarily abandons her main subject in this short photo series of life at Mas Prim, her characteristic calm with which she shows us her vision is clearly palpable in these pictures.

6×6 film

Lukje chooses to shoot on 6×6 film with her Hasselblad.  By shooting with this old camera, every picture is thought through. This combined with the incredible softness of the light makes the Hasselblad the perfect camera to fit her style.

The results are these silky square (6×6!) pictures of our Bed & Breakfast. We just love them!

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