Driving directions

Great! You’re visiting us at Mas Prim! Here’s how you’ll find us.

The dirt road

The lodge is located in a private valley, at a good distance from civilization. You’ll reach the logde via a challenging dirt road trough the woods. Although the road might not be what you are used to at home, it is no problem for most cars. Just make sure our car is not extra low. Over the last 20 years we have had guest with small and big cars and non of them ever ran in to trouble on the dirt road.


Navigating to Mis Prim

Beware! Most navigation systems and maps like TomTom and the Apple Maps app don’t show our address properly. Sometimes the address does show up on the map, but the route to the address is completely off. So don’t trust your sat nav on the dirt road. The only navigation system that does guide you to the right place is Google Maps.

Navigating via Google Maps

Here are some tips for navigating to our house via Google Maps:

  1. Make sure your phone battery is charged.
  2. Tip: Download a map of the area to your phone so you are able to use it off-line. This way you won’t use a lot of data and you won’t get lost when you lose cell phone connection. (here’s how: Using Google Maps Offline)
  3. Set your starting point at Repsol, Serinya
  4. Set your destination to our address: Barri de Casals, 25, Serinya
  5. Make sure your route is the same as the route shown below. This is the only route for normal cars to our lodge. In some cases Google Maps might show a different route. If it does, try again.
  6. Drive slowly. There are some potholes and you might spot some wild animals
  7. Just before you arrive, look for a turn to the left (this last piece of the road is not on the Google map).

Follow this link to view the route in Google Maps

Follow this link to find our address on google maps:  Barri de Casals, 25, Serinya, Girona

Directions by car

Starting in Serinya

It takes about 10-15 minutes to get from Serinya (the nearest village) to the lodge.

If your navigation shows any other route, don’t trust it! This is the only drivable route to the lodge.

Look for the dirt road

The dirt road starts on the C-66 opposite the Repsol gas station in Serinya. This is what it looks like from above.

from the direction of Olot

On the C-66 take a right turn onto the dirt road. This is a very sharp bend going straight up.  It might be hard to spot, so look for the white road sign (Banyoles, Girona)

from the direction of Girona and Banyoles

On the C-66 take a left turn onto the dirt road.


You’ll cross a T-junction. Go straight ahead here. (up the hill) You’ll pass an old rabbit farm.

U-turn at the chapel

After about 1,5 km, you’ll see a small chapel. Take a sharp U-turn to the right (into the woods). On the top right you’ll see a small sign “Mas Prim”.

Turn left after 1,2 km

After another 1,2 km of dirt road, take a turn to the right. Look for the sign “Mas Prim”.


You have arrived at the lodge 🙂

Need help?

Don’t feel good about navigating though the woods? No worries! Please, contact us so we can pick a time to meet you at the gas station and guide you to the house.