Our two house rules

We want you feel at home so we won’t impose too many rules on our guests. However, before booking it is important to take into account two things:

1. Fire

Make open fires and BBQ’s is not allowed. This is a strict rule. Our nature lodge is surrounded by a dry forest so we want to reduce the risk of forest fires to an absolute minimum. Making fires in our area is also prohibited by law and is strictly controlled by foresters. You may only smoke on the terrace using the ashtrays.

2. Electricity

Mas Prim is a self-sustainable house. That means we have solar power and our own water spring. We make efficient use of the little electricity we have: we don’t have TV’s and we only use the washing machine or charge our laptops at noon. Hair driers, microwaves and irons, for example, are not to be used at all.  It’s a way of living which we enjoy very much. If you look forward to going off-grid for a while and enjoy reading a book at the fireplace or watching the stars at night: this is the place for you!