A typical day at Mas Prim in February

February is a beautiful month in the Banyoles area. It’s usually very sunny so even though it’s relatively cold at night with an average of 2°C, the bright sun warms the Girona countryside to an average temperature of 16°C in the shade.

This is what a typical day in February at the eco-lodge might look like:


9:00 – Light up the fire place

Waking up after a long, good night of sleep. Nights in February can be chilly so you might want to head to the living area to light up the fire place to warm up the house.

9:15 – Catalan breakfast

Put a coffee pot on the fire,  bring the chicken the green waste of the day before and get some fresh eggs from the poultry run. Enjoy some fresh orange juice, pà amb tomàquet with fuet (Catalan sausage) and local sheep- and goat cheeses from the market in Banyoles. For those with a sweet tooth: the croissants from the bakery in Serinyà are very tasty!

10:00 – Hike around L’Estany de Banyoles

Go for a nice hike around the lake of Banyoles (Estany de Banyoles) and over the hills surrounding the lake. Though it might be cold at night, days can be warm when the skies are clear.
Walk up to the summit of the hill to take a good look at the snowy mountain peaks of the French Pyrenees (see picture below). On a bright day you can even see the Costa Brava on the opposite side.

12:00 – Visit the local market in Banyoles

Visit the market in Banyoles to buy fresh fruit and vegetables: the  oranges, artichokes, pumpkins and other winter products from Catalan soil taste delicious. Restock your supply of fuet. Have a coffee under the medieval arches of the buildings surrounding the Plaça Major (main square).

13:30 – Dinar at local restaurants in Banyoles

Restore energies from the hike with a Catalan dinar at a local restaurant and feast on 4 courses of Catalan food for little more than € 10,-. Wine included.

16:00 – Gardening

Get back to the casa rural to build a compost pile for composting garden waste into fertile soil for the kitchen garden. Clear the kitchen garden from weeds and prepare it for seeding next month, or saw wood to use in the fireplace.

17:00 – Spot wild animals

Go for a walk in the woods with Xibeca, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Pass old ruins and jump little mountain streams. If you’re lucky you might spot wild hogs or some deer. Don’t worry if you get lost. Xibeca will guide you home.

18:00 – Creatures of the night

Watch the sun go down and listen to the sounds of the forest as nocturnal creatures start to make themselves heard.

19:00 – Frogs

Chase a lost frog out of the lodge during a short rain shower.

20:00 – Sopar

Prepare sopar like a Catalan in the kitchen or in the stove in the living area.

21:00 – Enjoy the fireplace

Play with Quixet the house cat while you keep the fire burning in the living room. Read a book and enjoy life without a screen and take a sip of Catalan wine.

23:00 – Watch the stars

To conclude your day, on a clear night, watch the stars before you jump back in bed early. Thanks to the dry air the starry nights at Mas Prim are incredibly beautiful.

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